American monarchies

One of my current projects studies monarchical order and its legitimacy during independence era. The renaissance of monarchical rule, especially around 1800, in Latin America has come upon tendencies of political autonomy showing that – this is the project's core proposition – images of empire and emperorship built the basic framework for concepts about political order from the age of European expansion through to independence and beyond. In the Brazilian case, longstanding monarchical ideas culminated in the segregation from the Portuguese empire and the constitution of an independent empire in 1822. Drawing on indigenous traditions, in Mexico, such concepts could foster the way to independence without, however, taking root permanently. On the other side pre-colombian and colonial spaces of political rule shaped the formation of new states from the Andes to the Rio de la Plata. With recourse to a broad offer of written and iconographic sources the project's concern not least is asking for how American images of monarchical rule took effect within an Atlantic horizon.