In 1783 Nicolás de la Cruz y Bahamonde, a native of Talca, Chile, made a long journey that took him via Concepción, Buenos Aires and Montevideo to his final destination in Cádiz, Spain, where he would became a wealthy merchant. On this journey, Cruz y Bahamonde wrote an account in which he assimilated also experiences made on further travels in Europe. Although Cruz y Bahamonde, also known by his title ‘Conde del Maule’, never would return to his home country, during his whole life he was deeply concerned with its well-being, especially in economic and cultural terms.

There is no complete and critical edition of the whole account yet. Embedding the ‘Anecdotas’ in an linguistic and historical context allows to understand its importance: as a testimony of a historical subject that re-negotiates the relationship between both sides of the Atlantic in the age of Enlightenment, reform and revolution, free trade, independence and nation-building; as an expression of the capacity to combine the local and the global; and, finally, as a unique ego-document in which the agent’s own role is steadily reflected and developed.

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